Just kidding…I do have cancer!

Hi there,

Well, I’ve learned a few lessons over the past six weeks, the most important being NEVER, EVER END YOUR CANCER BLOG. Yes, unfortunately, I’ve been diagnosed with a small cancer recurrence in a lymph node in my chest.

While my prognosis is good, the treatment plan will be extensive. I will have surgery after the holidays, followed by chemo and radiation. I expect to start feeling better around June or so.

I have no insights into this experience so far; I just wanted to make the news public so folks can understand if I am a bit more flighty than usual in the next six months. I intend to write throughout this second time around, for the same reasons I wrote through the first: so as to report back from the experience that is cancer, to build understanding, and to expand the available narratives of this disease.

I’ll leave the reader with this picture, which is of me, on stage, telling a story at Madison Story Slam last Saturday. The story theme was “The Nightmare that is Christmas”. It was my first time participating in a story slam competition, and I won the bugger with the story of my preceding week, entitled “Christmas in the Skyzone”. When the recording becomes available, I’ll be sure to share it. Happy holidays!



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